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CD: Tahi, (1993) Rua (1999), Toru (2002), Live unplugged (2005), Wha (2008), The Best Of (2012), Rima (2014)
DVD: Live & Proud (2003)

The Best of Moana & The Tribe

RIMA, CD Album Release
Rhythmethod / DRM
New Zealand 2014

"Free steers much of the album into a new genre of waiata-dub and punchy dancefloor directed songs where politics and te reo slip in effortlessly. RIMA is a powerful and important collection. Highly recommended."
(G.Reid, NZ Herald)

"Easily her most sonically exciting album, RIMA offers up an enticing blend of waiata, haka, and deeply rhythmic electronica. Standout tracks include Water People, a deliciously dubbed out tune with haka, chants and a deep groove. Then there's the moody spiritual vibes of Ko Au, and Aotearoa, which sounds like Pitch Black remixing Moana, all bleepy electronica and fizzy tempos. There's a lot to discover in this record. It is beautifully layered."
(Peter McLennan, 13th Floor)

"New album is a cultural pearl and creative triumph"
(T.Reekie, Radio NZ)

RIMA is the 5th major album by Moana and was produced by dubmeister Paddy Free (Pitch Black, Nga Tae) who joined Moana & the Tribe for the first time in 2013 when the band played Europe, Korea and Australia. The 11 tracks were recorded in Piha, on the shores of Lake Rotorua and in Blair Castle (Glasgow).

"All the songs on this album are inspired by people and communities who are so passionate about our land, ocean and people, that they are moved to make a difference. They get off the fence. They put their hands up. They stick their necks out - even when it's not the most popular thing to do. The truth is ordinary people can and do create change. RIMA is all about exploring and celebrating people power."

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The Best of Moana & The Tribe

The Best of Moana & the Tribe, CD Album Release
Black Pearl / Ode Records
New Zealand 2012

The Best Of Moana & The Tribe includes the bands remake of the classic track Black Pearl (Phil Spector) and the award winning MokoWha), the title track to the film Te Po by Toby Mills, as well recordings live from the stage at the Chiemsee Reggae Summer Festival (Germany).

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WHA Album

WHA, CD Album Release
Black Pearl / Ode Records
New Zealand 2008


WHA contains 10 new songs celebrating love, protesting against free trade, acknowleging the independence struggle of Timor and paying tribute to Maori soldiers buried in foreign lands. Produced by Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper and Moana Maniapoto, the album was recorded at Beaver Studios. Bandmembers Cadzow Cossar, Horomona Horo, Max Stowers, Ashley Browne and Richard Nunns were joined by vocalists Amiria Reriti and Trina Maniapoto. Scott Morrison co-wrote most of the songs with Moana, all of which are in Maori. The CD also features two brief archival interludes - recordings made in the Western Desert by B Company of the 28th Maori Battalion and a second on an unidentified marae.

"Across her previous three albums Moana Maniapoto confirmed her status as one of New Zealand's most significant voices whose sound could just as comfortably incorporate politics and culture as seduce with her flowing lyrics in te reo and her astute ear for using the traditional within a contemporary context.

This album might lack the obviously powerful and overt statements of material like Moko or Ancestors on previous outings -- and her more reflective side is generously served in some superb songs such as Rangikane ana commissioned for the first Moriori marae on the Chathams which comes with discreet strings alongside traditional flute. But the centrepiece Te Apo is a sonic battlefield inspired by protests at the WTO in Hong Kong and brings karanga, haka, the sound of street protest and a thumping rhythm section with urgent and stabbing cello adding gravitas.

The counterpoint to that anger and energy is in material drawn from and inspired by the legacy of the Maori Battalion. And then there are the delicate love songs, the deft reggae riddums . . .
These days Moana and the Tribe are more often taking their music to an international audience (big in Russia, mate) but the soul and spirit which drives and determines the course of this music is always close to home and heart.

Another diverse, informed and quite moving album (Titia is in tribute to the late activist and leader Syd Jackson) by one of our finest."

- to see Graham Reid review

"Te Reo is always difficult to record because it struggles at times to sit in frames of European or popular music framework which is why you have trouble with trying to do some R&B.  Obviously reggae is really really simple.  The track I have chosen (Pae o Riri) is a waiata in a classical sense, in an orchestral sense and its been produced by Victoria Kelly and it has an arrangement where it sits in this very (for want of a better term) 'European place' and yet it definitely holds its own.  I think you have to continually experiment with styles in order to find a way for the reo to sit easily and I want to say, acceptably. But where you fall in love with the way its done - and on this record, there are a lot of styles here and they are successful with "every single one" of them - then that is a credit to her and the artists that she is working with. 

It's really, really good. And as I said, its one of those things where in a completely neutral world if you dont even know anything about New Zealand or know anything about Maori or language or anything -  this is the ideal instrument in which to lead people towards it."

- Manu Taylor (National Radio)

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Moana & the Tribe album cover



Pirate Records, Sony, German release 2003
King Music, NZ 2003
Wavesounds, Switzerland 2004
Hoanzl Vertriebs GmbH, Austria 2004

"Excellent. **** "
- N.Z Herald

"This DVD very impressively shows the fusion of these traditional elements with the international rock / pop scene. 'LIVE & PROUD' proves that Moana has touched the hearts of audiences."
-, 2003

"This DVD illustrates why so many people over the seas have been wowed by Moana and The Tribe as they blend traditional and contemporary to bring the new Maori edge to the world stage with a stunning vibrancy."
- Marbeck Records

140 mins of documentaries, music videos and live performances. A selection of eight music videos and over an hours worth of Moana & the Tribe in full concert in Germany 2002.

' My Home', a visit to Moana's marae and family recorded in a 10 minute documentary, screened at the inaugural Womex Film Screening in Seville, 2003.

The DVD also includes a 40 minute insight into the bands 2002 tour of Europe and a short profile of the songs composed by Moana (Our Music). The song 'Moko' is performed live at the Chiemsee Summer Festival (Germany) and in the Bologna Theatre (Italy).

This DVD is sub-titled into German, French, Italian, Maori and English.

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NOTE: The DVD is in PAL / Secam system only.


Moana & the Tribe album cover



Tangata Records, NZ release 2003


"Music of great depth and beauty.melds traditional and contemporary styles without compromising either.a quite remarkably and intelligently textured album."
- N.Z Herald

"Never before has any artist created such a universally appealing album that is equally at home on our shores as it is in Europe. Moana has taken Maori music, blended it, electrified it and still remained true to the Mana that it stands for..."
- Marbeck Records

TORU features 'Te Po', which was a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition (beating over 11,000 other entries). Co-written by Moana with Simon Holloway and Hirini Melbourne, 'Te Po' is a brooding love song that was the theme song for a film of the same name.

Holloway, as the leading Producer, worked closely with Moana to give rhythm and groove to this selection of songs based on very traditional melodies and structures.

New recordings include 'Te Ha' (explores the significance of breath), 'Ko Koe ra' (a love song), 'Te Aho' (explores the concept of adoption and whakapapa), 'Te Kapua Whakapipi' (a quote from an ancestor of Moana) and an acoustic version of 'Calling you.' 'Te Kohu' is given a fresh new approach by Producer Tony Battle. The cover features a stunning painting by respected artist Shane Cotton.

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Moana & the Tribe album cover



Pirate / SONY Europe release 2002


"...As a singer with a political and cultural consciousness, Moana is one of the most renowned artists to emerge from New Zealand.and she creates a fusion between smooth world music, and the urban sound with earthy, international beats..."
- Süddeutsche Zeitung -Extra

"The wonderful "Hine te iwaiwa" is a salute to all the great divas of R&B, and makes many other black ballads look positively pale. And once you discard your "world-music-prejudice", you will discover that Moana`s European debut is one of the most intelligent pop CDs for a long time..."
- WOM-Journal

MOANA & THE TRIBE is the artist's European debut album, released through Pirate Records (SONY) into Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria.

HINE TE IWAIWA celebrates the notion of the Goddess inside every woman. CALLING YOU recalls the relationship of our ancestors with the ocean. Both songs showcase the talents of Richard Nunns (taonga puoro), Italian musicians Claudio Teobaldelli (piano) and Giovanni Pecchioli (clarinet). Kapa haka group IHU WAKA makes a debut too.

TE KAKANO explores the concept of adoption within a culture where genealogy is fundamental. Hirini Melbourne sings and plays on Moana's favourite song TE PO - the title track for a short film by Toby Mills, Moana's partner. MOANA & THE TRIBE is essentially a compilation album. It begins with the classic TAHI (roots mix), which set a precedent by laying chants over dance rhythms created from poi beats and haka stamps. With five songs from RUA sitting alongside all the new tracks - MOANA & THE TRIBE pulls all the high points together on the one CD.

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Rua album cover


RUA, CD Album Release
Tangata Records, NZ release 1998


"...Rich mix of traditional sounds and values with modern music-making methods and issues, contemporary and timeless, the messages are ancient but timely..."
- Real Groove

"...Rua has got to be the album of the year … if there’s a better New Zealand album in 1998 its going to be a very good year indeed. Absolutely essential. .."
- N.Z Truth

RUA features MOKO, which beat 11,170 entries from 60 countries to become the winner of the 2003 International Songwriting Competition. This earned Moana the distinction of becoming the first non American to win a major US songwriting competition.

This second album was produced by Angus McNaughton and Daniel Barnes, though ‘Kahu’ was produced by Neil Finn. With songs like ‘Treaty’ and ‘Ancestors’, RUA focuses on issues of power while ‘Prophesies’ and ‘Bird in a Tree’ touch on more spiritual matters.

Richard Nunns features with his stunning body of taonga puoro. The closing track ‘Awe Maria’ was sung alongside the St Josephs Maori Girls Choir, which Moana was once a part of.

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Tahi album cover


TAHI, CD Album Release
NZ re-release, 2002


"...Tahi proves the rhythms were there all along with its use of sampled haka, stamps and poi underneath exquisite singing. Given exposure here and abroad, like Australias Yothu Yindi’s ‘Treaty’, it could be the defining moment in New Zealand music this year....”
- New Zealand Listener

"...brown, proud, musically and lyrically … could only have come from New Zealand..."
- The Evening Post

This debut album earned gold sales and has recently been re-released.
TAHI set a precedence by fusing traditional Maori instruments, chants and beats with contemporary dance and soul grooves in its title track, produced by Angus McNaughton.

The video for TAHI was voted Top Female Video of the Year by television viewers.
BLACK PEARL became an anthem for Maori women, reaching No.2 on the National Charts and earning the band its first gold record.

The group sang REBEL IN ME to President Nelson Mandela when he was hosted at a special church service in Auckland, while the video for PEACE, LOVE & FAMILY featured The Neville Brothers of New Orleans.

BACK WHERE WE BELONG was a gospel inspired collaboration with Minister Rasul Muhammad of the Nation of Islam. Other guest performers on the album include D-Word (BLACK PEARL), Andrew Fagan (I’LL BE THE ONE) and Hareruia Aperahama (TAHI).

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  1. He Waiata Aroha na Puhiwahine
  2. Titia
  3. Whaura
  4. Rangikane ana
  5. Manawa Tahi
  6. Te Apo
  7. Te Arawa e (no lyrics)
  8. Pae o Riri
  9. Matakuikui
  10. Wha (no lyrics)
  11. Iri Kura
  12. He Waiata Aroha na Puhiwahine


  1. Te Kapua Whakapipi
  2. Te Kohu
  3. Te Kakano
  4. Hine te iwaiwa
  5. Te Po
  6. Calling You
  7. Te Ha
  8. Speak to Me
  9. Ko koe ra
  10. Te Aho
  11. Calling You
  12. Knowing


  1. Putaatara (no lyrics)
  2. Warriors
  3. Kahu
  4. Treaty
  5. Prophecies
  6. Bird in a Tree
  7. Titokowaru
  8. Moko
  9. A.E.I.O.U.
  10. Give it up now
  11. Hine tangi manawa
  12. Ancestors
  13. Awe Maria


  1. Tihore mai
  2. Peace, Love & Family
  3. A.E.I.O.U.
  4. Tahi
  5. Kua Makona
  6. Sensual
  7. Rebel in Me
  8. Black Pearl
  9. Sister in Me
  10. I'll be the One
  11. Papatuanuku
  12. Seven Years
  13. Back Where we Belong
  14. Tahi