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Maori is a term used to describe the indigenous tribes or nations of Aotearoa (New Zealand). Their Polynesian ancestors migrated on huge ocean-going canoes hundreds of years ago, from the mystical island of Hawaiiki.

Maori possess a rich and dynamic culture, one in which their daily lives were in constant communion with the spiritual world. Karakia (prayer), poetry, oratory

And music was, and still is a vital part of the Maori society. Stories were recorded in the songs, carvings, weavings, paintings and crafts abundant in the community.

Maori sovereignty was challenged by the arrival of the first white man, Captain James Cook in 1769. Missionaries began a campaign to erode traditional notions of Maori spirituality. Wars over land and power were fought between Maori and the British troops.

In 1840, a Treaty was signed. The fighting continued – on the battlefield, in the courts, the media, even at the United Nations today. The issue of sovereignty has yet to be fully resolved. Maori continue to assert it through a variety of ways today.

Taonga puoro (traditional Maori instruments) had almost disappeared from Maori culture. Missionaries had dismissed them as tools of paganism. Over forty have now been identified and revived by exponents Richard Nunns and Hirini Melbourne. Some have been recorded for the very first time, captured on the band's albums. Richard, Hirini and a new wave of taonga puoro artists including Horomona Horo, Jerome Kavanagh and Rangi Rangitukunoa, have played in the band.

Haka (a war-like dance made famous by the All Blacks) have also been incorporated into Moanas music, providing a spinetingling, accompaniment to modern beats.

Tauparapara, (traditional chanting) replaces rap.

Moana & The Tribe sing about land and people. They speak of a connection to Papatuanuku (Mother Earth), of justice, the renaissance of the Maori language and traditions and touch on a variety of political and social issues that are universal.

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