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The Tribe

The Tribe is a fluid group of talented performers, filmmakers and managers. Sometimes Moana & the Tribe can be simply Moana with a guitarist and vocalist in acoustic harmony. At times, the group morphs into a full band with a string section, four warriors and moving images. Mostly, its somewhere in between.

Trina Maniapoto
Ngati Te Rangiita, Tuhourangi-Ngati Wahiao
Trina has competed with Tuhourangi-Ngati Wahiao and performed locally on the Rotorua Hotel circuit. Her band debut was at Te Papa in June 2002, a week prior to hitting the stage in Bern, (Switzerland). Trina is the Minister of Finances. And manages the offices of NZs only national glossy Maori magazine, Mana Magazine. Favourite performance? Kalamata (Cultural Olympiad, 2003) when we led the Aborigines, Lakota Sioux, and Hawaiians in a 20 minute impromptu jam session that delighted the audience and sealed a bond between four indigenous cultures. Then there was the Taupo Festival of Arts in front of parents, relations and friends.

Amiria Reriti
Ngai Tahu, Ngati Mutunga ki Wharekauri
A stunning singer, Amiria cites her most memorable performances with Moana as support for Sweet Honey on the Rocks, the NZ welcome for His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the bands Spanish debut in Jaén, (Spain) in 2004. Amiria is a budding actress, making her debut in the local film 'Jubilee.' She is the chair of the Black Pearl National Trust which develops initiatives to motivate and empower Maori woman. As the bands Minister of Accommodation, Amiria manages the delicate task of who rooms with whom on tour. No one challenges her.

Cadzow Cossar
New Zealand
Cadzow is one of New Zealand 's 'tastiest' guitarists. While in Italy, Cadzow had the challenging task of directing the 12-piece 'Morcambo' orchestra on-stage and in a recording studio. This was no mean feat as he was the only musician who could NOT speak Italian. Cadzow's experience means he can cope with nearly anything. He shares his talent as a tutor in at least three Auckland schools, and plays on the local circuit with other Auckland bands. He has been Moana's guitarist for most of her career, and traveled with her throughout the world. Rated best foot masseuse in the Band, too. Best concerts? 'The support gig for Willy Astor at Schloss Scherneck, just out of Augsburg (2004) was rated as exceptional performance for its incredible sound, still evening air and the intimacy between the band and audience. Performing in the grounds of a castle is always very pleasant too! Also, Lustspeilhaus in Munich has hosted two great shows from us, so fond memories there too.'

Paddy Free
New Zealand
One of NZ's best-known electronic musicians, is widely recognised as one-half of electronic duo Pitch Black as well as earning awards and credit as a producer of several albums by Salmonella Dub. Paddy recently collaborated with Richard Nunns and Horomona Horo as Nga Tae. We are thrilled to have this talented and energetic musician in our band.

Marika Hodgson
New Zealand
Is a sought after bassist who plays/has played for the likes of Funkommunity, Nathan Haines, Tama Waipara, Anika Boh & Hollie, Myele Manzanza, Fredericks Brown, LIPS, Sassy & The Pocketbook, The Means, and her own project M-Jay Collective. She has toured extensively nationally and also internationally and is endorsed by Pavel basses.

Mickey Ututaonga
Ngati Hine, Ngati Mahanga, Te Arawa
One of the most versatile and respected New Zealand drummers today. He was first introduced to music and drums at age four by his family of musicians. Mickey's first professional gig came at the age of eight where he learnt by playing in clubs and socials, working in his family band. His ardent interest in drums at that age propelled him to seriously study his craft and play whenever he got a chance. An impressive C.V. to date has seen him mix it on stage with a variety of musical styles and talents. Some of these acts include: Annie Crummer, Nathan Haines, Mark Williams, The Ladykillers, Renee Geyer, When the cats away, Sir Howard Morrison, Dame Malvina, Aaron Saxon and many many more.

Kemara Kennedy
Ngati Pikiao/ Ngati Whakaue - Te Arawa
A member of the action packed, high intensity and electrifying kapahaka group Te Mātārae I Ōrehu founded by distinguished Māori tohunga Irirangi Tiakiawa and tutor /mentor Wētini Mitai-Ngatai. Kemara is also a respected Maori wood carver having trained at The New Zealand Maori Arts & Crafts Institute. Currently teaching the art to students at Total Immersion School, Hurunga-te-rangi. When he isn’t carving, teaching or performing, then he is training. Kemara is a competitive bodybuilder so has naturally been appointed Band Personal Trainer when we are on tour. Kemara is currently completing his third and final year of bachelors in Maori Performing Arts degree and furthering on to Teachers College next year.

Laurence Kershaw
Ngati Kahungunu
A professional haka performer adept in a number of traditional performance and weaponry artforms – and mostly based at Te Puia in Rotorua. Away from the kapa haka stage, when he is not pighunting and deerstalking, our Laurence has gained a name within musicals and is currently rehearsing for ‘Chicago.’

Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper
New Zealand
(Violinist, Programmer)
Violinist for BMG newest signing the Exiles. The Exiles' sound is "fresh and urban with hip hop, electronica and orchestral elements". Mahuia holds a Master of Music from Otago University, won the Otago Music Post Graduate Scholarship and studied at the Australian Institute of Music. He has toured the Aotea Youth Symphony to Australia and Japan and became a member of the N.Z National Youth Orchestra. He has played with the Auckland Chamber Orchestra, Dunedin Sinfonia, Waitakere City Orchestra, Soweto Strings, Gaudeamus String Quartet and also toured Indonesia with Indonesias leading band Dewa. In 1998, Mahuia won the Auckland University Electronic Music Prize and in 2002, gained second place in the Wobbly Radio Song Competition. Mahuia is also in growing demand as a session musician, both live and recorded, a teacher and a producer. He produced WHA, the most recent album by Moana & the tribe, at Simon Holloways Beaver Studios.

Te Hira Paenga
Ngati Porou, Nga Puhi
Educated through Hone Waititi marae, Te Hira showed his winning form while a student at secondary school, taking out the honours for top Male Leader in the school competitions. He is a member and choreographer for internationally recognized kapa haka group Te Roopu Manutaki and a student of Te Whare Tu Taua (the National School of Ancient Traditional Maori Weaponry). An active kapa haka tutor from secondary through to senior level, Te Hira is a passionate exponent of te reo Maori, haka and weaponry. He aspires to be a tutor in traditional Maori knowledge at tertiary level. His first performance with the band was in Imst, Austria on July 27th, 2006.

Aaron Hapuku
Ngati Kahungunu
London-based performer with Ngati Ranana for over 4 years, Aaron is a student and teacher of mau taiaha (traditional weaponry). Aaron teaches two styles, one under Te Whare Tu Taua o Aotearoa (School of Ancient Traditional Maori Weaponry) and the second from Te Arawa, through respected exponent and tohunga Mita Mohi. Aaron has performed in the last 5 National Kapa Haka festivals with various South Island based competing groups. He enjoys choreography work utilising haka and weapons. His passion includes travelling the planet and experiencing various cultures. He is a fast runner, managing not to get gored in Pamplona before he joined the band on the 2006 Europe Tour.

Horomona Horo
Nga Puhi, Taranaki, Ngati Porou
(Taonga Puoro, Vocalist, Dancer)
From winning the inaugural Taonga Puoro Concerto in 2001, Horomona has spent the last five years participating in workshops and performance around NZ and abroad. From performing the opening dance for the Riverside Casino in Hamilton, to performing with the Weimarer Staatskapelle Orchestra in Germany, Horomona is a young man of his mid 20's rooted in his culture but with a global vision. He is a practitioner of taonga puoro, a teacher in a Immersion Maori School/Kura Kaupapa Maori and a youth co-ordinator. He loves Capoaeira and jamming on everything and anything he can pick up. One memorable moment was sitting in the royal chamber of the Massimo Theatre in Palermo, a young Maori boy from the Hokianga getting Italian royal treatment, "Ka tau kee!"

Scott Morrison
Te Arawa
In the past, Scottie's face was plastered across local buses promoting 'The Merchant of Venice,' New Zealand's first Maori language feature film. Now, he pops up on Television New Zealand every night reading the news. Scottie is the leader of IHU WAKA, and the Tribe's 'Minister of Maori Affairs.' He deals with all issues of protocol and answers any tricky questions about anything Maori. As far as concerts go, Italy proved to be Scotties highlight. Faenza in particular because of the connection with the 28th Maori Battalion, and Olympia in Greece - 'so ancient.' Scottie was recognised in the streets of Florence after the band performed live on RAI TV on the eve of the World Cup, 2002.

Paora Sharples
Ngati Kahungunu, Ngati Porou
Acknowledged as one of New Zealand's top traditional dancers, Paora has led Te Roopu Manutake in the National Maori Performing Arts Finals on a few occasions. As a tutor in Maori language and Maori weaponry, Paora is an outstanding representative of Te Whare Tu Taua o Aotearoa, National School of Maori Weaponry. Paora made a big impression on the European Tour, 2002. He is the Minister of Maori Affairs when traveling, rising to speak on formal occasions. He also takes the biggest suitcases on tour with him and is acknowledged as a mega-shopper - for his kids, not self.

'The Greece leg in 2003 with its stunning climate was like a holiday after going hard-out in Germany. Also, the big reggae festivals - Sunsplash (Austria, 2002) and Chiemsee Summer Festival (Germany, 2002) were my highlights.'

Toby Mills
Ngai te Rangi, Ngati Raukawa
(Tour Manager / Multi-media Producer)
Toby is an award-winning film and documentary maker, with his works making the finals in the last three NZ Television Awards. He produced the video backdrops for the Tribe's stage performances, then joined the band for the 2002 tour of Europe. Being a Producer type, Tobe just fell into the role of International Tour Manager quite naturally, though he occasionally spots as a Light technician and Merchandising Manager. Tobe 'Versace' Mills is consistently voted Best Dressed. Fave gig? In front of a 10,000 strong crowd in Nürnberg - never seen anything like it before or since.

Aneta Morgan
Tuhourangi, Ngati Wahiao, Ngati Rangiwewehi
Aneta is a passionate exponent of Maori performing arts. At high school she was recognised as top female leader and went on to be a tutor and performer at senior level national competition. In 2002 she became involved with Te Whare Tu Taua o Matarua – the Federation of Traditional Maori Martial Arts, first as a student and then as a teacher of mau rakau. She continues to teach Maori weaponry today. Her experience in this field is what led her to be the Tribe's first female haka performer. Aneta has a degree in both Maori performing arts and Matauranga Maori (traditional Maori knowledge). She first toured with the band to Canada, Europe and Taiwan in 2011.

Max Stowers
Ngati Kuri
Max Stowers is classed as one of New Zealand's premiere bass players by many of his peers. He has toured nationally with many of New Zealand's well-known recording artists and is constantly in demand in both N.Z and Australia. He is the progeny of a very musical gene pool, and he attributes this early immersion to his success. Is it any wonder? Check out this musicial whakapapa. His father is jazz pianist John Stowers, mum June is a singer, great Mavis Rivers and Tina Cross a cousin. Max is the only bass player we know who can play bass with one hand, use a shaker in the other, harmonise and make it all look like a piece of cake. He's also pretty good as a back up haka man.

Other Tribesmen include; Dan Antunovich, Richard Murray, Kaitapu Monga, Avon James, Pete Hoera, Ryan Monga, Randolph Neueli, Nick Nahu, Rangi Rangitukunoa, Hone Manukau, Teina Benioni, Barry Soutar, Reweti te Mete, Eriata Peri, Kemara Kennedy, Tiare Tawera, Stuart Page, Jerome Kavanagh, Richard Nunns.